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Our Difference

Programs and Resources

At VanDyk, we want you to focus your energy on revenue-generating tasks. Therefore, every system, model, tool, and department at VanDyk is set up to serve you so you can narrow your focus to the activities that make you money.

Lightning Close

Lightning Close – Once your borrower’s loan is clear to close, your closing package can be delivered to title in as little as 4 hours.

AI Underwriting

We accelerate safe and secure loan approvals with high-speed decisions, data-driven accuracy, and faster turn times.

Condo Review

We have an experienced team dedicated to reviewing and approving all your condo projects.

Support Automation

AI-powered support automation available 24/7 that connects our tech stack to answer questions.

In-House Appraisals

With our in-house Appraisal Management Company, we keep costs low and make sure appraisers are local to avoid issues.

Jumbo Loan Review

We have specialists who concentrate on jumbo loans to ensure they are reviewed and approved.

Lock and Shop

Our Lock and Shop program allows your borrowers to be fully processed and underwritten without having a property.


Our compliance department ensures that you comply with regulations and other legal requirements for originating and servicing mortgage products.

Underwriting Scenarios Desk

Operated by senior underwriters to answer your loan scenario questions. 

Self-Employed Income Review Team

Dedicated to simplifying the loan process and helping your self-employed borrowers qualify, and receive reliable, accurate calculations in 24 hours or less.

Production Support Desk

Our production support team is dedicated to assisting with navigating our technology and tools.


We have in-house licensing specialists who confirm that all licensing is accurate and assist with continued education and renewals. 

The VanDyk Loan Process

Anything you do more than once should have a streamlined system. Our loan process is the system that allows you to focus on sales growth rather than files. It provides a clear roadmap for positive, consistent results for you and your team. It is integrated with our loan origination and customer relationship management software automating a lot of the process for you so you can focus on growing your business.

As a VanDyk Loan Originator, you will have access to a team to implement this process. By touching your transaction partners consistently throughout the loan process, you keep the lines of communication open, work more efficiently, and have more on-time 30-day closings.

Training & Coaching

At VanDyk Mortgage, training and coaching help us uncover what new systems or models we need to develop to achieve future milestones. Providing coaching to our sales team is a worthy investment. Our Sales Managers are non-producing leaders. Their time isn’t split between working on their pipeline and helping you achieve your goals. They are focused 100% on helping all our associates achieve their objectives. Work with a company that wants to invest in your success.

Iron Sharpens Iron

“Just as iron sharpens iron, one person sharpens another.” Our Regional Management team is dedicated to building the team with monthly two-way meetings, training, and coaching sessions.

Lending Operations Review

Our Operations Management team hosts a monthly two-way meeting to review the most recent Lending Announcement and any other upcoming changes.


We offer an online portal to brand new Loan Officers where you can receive essential mortgage knowledge and guidance from seasoned former top producers. 

VDM Vault

We have a library of training and job aids to provide you with the information to learn our systems.

Supporting Your Business


Closing loans quickly and seamlessly creates repeat business from agents and borrowers. To help with this, we provide a support team of experienced Processors. They offer seamless and paperless processing through improved technology, day one processing — which allows you to obtain Verification of Income and Cash Assets in minutes, and the Same Day clear to close Closings.


To help you provide your clients with fast and accurate answers to all their mortgage loan questions, we allow you direct access to our underwriters. We know delivering excellent service to your realtors and clients requires giving good advice and getting fast and accurate answers.


VanDyk Mortgage takes great pride in putting out a competitive price. Our management team understands that we need competitive pricing to be successful. Therefore, we utilize a market tool to ensure we remain competitively priced in the ever-changing rate-pricing marketplace. You will have direct access to the secondary department and the Secondary Marketing Manager.

High Tech Mortgage Loans

Revolutionize your business with VanDyk Mortgage. We have developed a complete suite of technology solutions that covers every aspect of your business. So whether you’re looking to attract and engage new clients or optimize existing connections, we’ve got you covered. We have a robust foundation with add-ons to advance your business.

Foundational Stack

Industry-leading loan origination software 

Online application that integrates with our processing system

Industry-leading secondary marketing software for pricing

Business reviews management platform to collect and share reviews

CRM and customer engagement platform to create growth and loyalty

Customized webpages to market yourself, generate leads, and improve SEO.

Optional Stack

Foster agent relationships and automate value.
Analyze real-time mortgage and real estate production data.
Video messaging that gets you virtually face-to-face with clients.
Understand and share current market information.


A fully integrated team of in-house marketing experts, automated CRM, and marketing software solutions built specifically for the mortgage industry to help you build your business. Your marketing materials reflect your personality and your business. So let us help you tell your story. VanDyk Mortgage’s dedicated team of marketing professionals understands how important marketing is to the success of your business.

Social Media

Stay ahead of the competition and get the most out of your social media channels with ongoing education and best practice sharing to keep your social media presence and content relevant. Our dedicated digital media team shares updated and consistent social content available for posting. We offer scheduling capabilities to make managing your social media posting easy with little effort through our Total Expert CRM platform. In addition, our team ensures that your social media remains compliant with regular checkups and offers pay-per-click online advertising options on top platforms, including Facebook and Google.

In-House Marketing Department

Our team of marketing professionals is dedicated to helping you build your business. Our marketing specialists work side-by-side with you to help you utilize proven off-the-shelf tactics or create custom campaigns to meet the needs of your market. Our Loan Originators have access to several teams to help launch their efforts, including:

  • Event Planning
  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media
  • Digital Marketing

Personalized Marketing

Flyers, digital marketing, social media, and printed pieces are all available off-the-shelf and personalized to you and your market. Cobranding is simple with VanDyk – we make various materials available to co-brand with your referral sources, all at the push of a button. This includes property websites and open-house materials. Weekly pieces keep you in front of your referral partners and customers with relevant messaging on programs, products, and industry news.

Customer Relationship Management

Our best-in-class CRM puts the most effective marketing campaigns at your fingertips. Easy automation allows you to stay top-of-mind with your referral sources and customers. Multi-channel integration allows you to easily communicate with referral partners and customers via print and digital- including social, phone, or text channels. Integration with our loan origination, application, and lead programs ensure your client outreach is timely and relevant to grow your business. Robust reporting capabilities to help you easily view what is working. Easy lead management integration helps you increase your conversation rates from lead to funding.


At VanDyk Mortgage, our culture encompasses various essentials of our business and community, from our systems beliefs that define our work and support our employees to the business ethics that defines us in the communities where we work and play. Since 1987, our staff has been dedicated to a culture of integrity, quality, and putting clients’ needs first. Our mission is to be the mortgage team that makes a difference in the lives of our clients, understanding that an elated customer is the heartbeat of our business. Our team is focused on giving our clients the best possible experience during the home-buying process and continuing long after the closing day.


The top 10 Loan Originators and Branch Managers each year qualify for the President’s Club. Our Circle of Excellence members are the top 11-20 in units, volume, or production with $15 million or greater, or 60+ units annually, between January 1st and December 31st of the given year. Branch and Regional managers also qualify. Members of the President’s Club also participate in a memorable trip with a different location each year.